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This website is a home for the research and practice of Adam Park; architect, designer and researcher at the University of Sheffield School of Architecture(SSoA).

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PhD research (2010-14)


How contemporary models of site-specific performance practice act as creative/participatory mapping devices in sites of urban regeneration

I am looking at how participation in emerging 'site-specific' art practices might change the way in which people articulate their relationship with urban sites of regeneration; how people remember these places and reimagine their future.

The PhD proposes a creative research methodology, tested through collaborations with contemporary 'site-specific' performance practitioners.

KEYWORDS: Mapping - regeneration - site / site-specific - location / locative - performance / performative - storytelling - audience / participant / participatory - agency - urban / urbanism - interstice / interstitial - forgotten spaces - thirdspace - creative / arts-informed methods - collaborative - methodology.

Research Blog

I have consolidated my ongoing research blog here. Its my repository for performance reviews, games, technology, conferences, site visits and events related to my 'Perfoming-as-Mapping' research.


Occasional thoughts on architecture, technology, art, cycling and (sorry) football

DWELL Research Project

In 2014 I joined a new design research project at the University of Sheffield led by Prof Sarah Wigglesworth.

This participatory research project is investigating how the design of homes and the built environment might improve the well-being of older people in Sheffield.

Self-build Studio (on a shoestring)

A side-project to document the self-build of a small timber-framed garden office/studio.

The project has been designed to use off-the-shelf/ found materials whereever possible, as well as minimising costs while maximising ease of construction.

Le Tour in Sheffield

I wanted to celebrate the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire and arriving into the north of Sheffield after seeing the route come right through my neighbourhood (Pitsmoor).

The postcards + posters paid homage to some of the vintage Tour posters and memorabilia, and depict some of the often-overlooked landmarks of the city.

Sheffield Civic Trust - website design

As well as being a Trustee from 2012-17, in 2013 I designed and developed a new website for the Sheffield Civic Trust

The Port of Sheffield

A 2012 RECITE collaboration with theatre Producers The Blue Shed and Sheffield Theatres. As part of the 'Port of Sheffield' project, RECITE have collaborated on the research and design of an interactive digital trail along the Sheffield and Tinsley canal. The trail is launched on September 21st as part of the University of Sheffield Festival of the Mind

Beer Central - The radial map of Sheffield

Sheffield can be a difficult city to navigate around (particularly for visitors) but is actually a very easy city to diagram.

Produced for Beer Central, this map organises the central neighbourhoods radially, and maps the main routes in / out of the city.

RECITE Network

Funded by the Cross-cutting Directors of Research and Innovation Network Scholarships in Digital World, my PhD is part of RECITE - an interdisciplinary network researching digital/web-based creativity across performance, architecture and computer science.

Doncaster Toolkit - website & web app

The design and development of new website and (beta) web app / geo-locative game for the SSoA Live Lab and Doncaster Civic Trust project

Common Grounds: Digital Trail

A prototype locative intervention for the Common Grounds Colloquium, designed and implemented using the social media locative storytelling app ‘Broadcastr’

Seeing Sheffield - a Sheffield Civic Trust Project

A collaborative photography / web / mapping project, looking at the neighbourhoods of Sheffield (still in beta mode). The project is being carried out alongside local photographer Nynke Wierda, architect Paul Testa and the Sheffield Civic Trust.

CODE Computational Design Group

Between 2011-13 I was part of the PGT computational design course at SSoA as a design tutor. The course was run together with Dr Mark Meagher and Dr Julien Nembrini, developer of anar+ - an open source parametric library for Processing.

This is the current students blog from the CODE module

Ekspan Mobile App

As part of my research training, I have begun to develop cross-platform mobile phone applications using the Phonegap open-source (Javascript-based) framework.

My first commercial app (Android / iOS) was been developed in 2012 and recently launched for the Sheffield engineering firm Ekspan.

Tap Lever 3D Print

In collaboration with Yang Yu (fellow PhD student and member of the digital design group), I designed and produced a simple household 'hack' to improve the functionality of my bathroom taps.

This was produced using the SSoA Makerbot Replicator.

Mapping the City

In May 2011 I worked alongside theatre-makers Slung Low, documenting their project 'Mapping the City in Hull. This website (now archived) was made to collect audience response to the performance.

WebGL Interactive Arts Tower demo

JQuery 'Interactive Arts Tower' experiment based on the X3DOM model of declarative 3D in HTML5. NOTE This demo requires a web GL enabled browser (Google Chrome / Firefox) to work.

This second 'twisted tower' experiment builds x3DOM elements dynamically using jQuery.

SSoA Social Media Branding

Social media branding and implementation for new SSoA website. Main SSoA web design by Human Studio.

BIG map of Sheffield

I like maps (especially maps of my city of Sheffield). I produced this 1-7500 scale map (which works out at 5m x 3m) to wallpaper our hallway.

Map data sourced from Open Street Map and drawn using the freeMaperative Software

More big maps are in the pipeline!


2012 eCAADe poster competition submission.

20" x 20"

2011 entry exhibited at the annual Sheffield 20x20 event at digital arts lab Access Space. Its basically a re-interpretation of Sheffield's most famous feature - its topograpy - on a 20" x 20" grid.

The State of the Libraries (libraries of the state)

Contribution to the 'Re-imagined Libraries' project by Charlotte Morgan at Sheffield Site Gallery, Feb 2012.

The Bicycle: Urban Time Machine

2011 poster / marketing concept for Cycle Sheffield. Yet to be taken up!

Emergency Winter Shelter

(Highly commended) entry for the Tesseract Winter Homeless design competition.

Distinctive Sharrow

The distinctive sharrow action group local community group that shares an interest in sharrow’s built environment, its places, spaces and connections and want to act using their skills, knowledge and networks.

Graduate Architecture Society

The blog for the relaunched Graduate Architecture Society at SSoA. Logo design by Jordan Lloyd / idir.

House Extensions

Sometimes I also design buildings!

Between 2010-11 I completed the architectural design work for a couple of house extensions for private clients.

The Local Energy Network

MArch thesis project from 2008 exlporing Listed + derelict heritage buildings and community energy production.